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Visit to read reviews of commercial models, view photos of assembled paper models,  and find places to buy and/or download models! Thanks for stopping by! Gary Munson.

In the 'Paper Model Links' section you'll find many free models to download and print out. '67 lb.' paper works the best and can easily be found at any office supply store. It's about the thickness of a business card and most printers have no trouble feeding it. '100 lb.' paper can be a problem with printers that have a convoluted paper path.  Use a small, sharp scissor and an exacto knife to cut out the models. A stainless steel ruler is handy to help with long straight cuts. Use the dull back edge of the exacto knife to 'score' the paper to make folding easier. You may find it necessary to use some fine sandpaper to smooth the back edge of the exacto blade as some of them are 'rough' on the backside and will scratch the paper as you try to score it. Elmer's white glue is the adhesive of choice. Have toothpicks handy to apply the glue. A little goes a long way. Hold joints tightly together for about 10 seconds and you'll have a good bond. Have fun! Some of my favorite links are the Canon, Yamaha, and Currell Graphics sites!

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